Missions for Romania

serving the poor in romania since 1994

The Leper Village


     This is one of the best kept secrets in Europe.  The Leper Village of Tichilesti was founded near the Danube River almost a hundred years ago.  During the communist years, it was a haven for Christianity, untouched by communist oppression.  Two churches are located in the village, an Orthodox Church and a Baptist Church.  Imagine the dilemma that the Secret Police faced when they could hear songs of praise echoing through the surrounding valleys.  What could they do?  Their job was to stamp out Christianity, but no one wanted to enter the village to make the arrests.  If an arrest was made, where would they put the leprous Christian who defied the government and boldly sang praises to Jesus?  


     We made our first visit to this village many years ago.  Since that time, we have made regular deliveries of basic medical and hygiene supplies, blankets, linens, and a portion of our crops.  We also deliver some of the donated food that we receive from our ministry partners.  We have purchased CD players and an assortment of Christian hymns and Bibles in Romanian for the elderly residents.  

     This is an ongoing project that requires so little from us.  More than any gifts or supplies that we bring, the most important thing is that we come to share the love of Jesus, to encourage our afflicted Christian brethren, and to share a few moments of fellowship.    We will have a special outreach for the residents of the Leper village this Christmas.  Our goal is to prepare a Christmas meal that we will serve to each house and to those in the small hospital, unable to take care of themselves.  Our team will sing songs of our Savior's birth as we seek to share our blessings with these fellow- Christians.  This project may not be one that will attract a lot of volunteeers, but it is surely one that will bring a smile to our Heavenly Father's heart.