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    Christmas Shoebox Project  2020

     Christmas is a special time of year to every child of God, every age, and in every geographical location around the world.  To some, Christmas means a time of celebration with family and friends….good food, gift-giving, singing, and a break from the daily routine of life.  It is also a time when we pause and contemplate the boundless love of our Heavenly Father, demonstrated in the giving of His only Son. 

     To the orphans and poor children of Romania, Christmas is only a dream or a story that they have heard others tell.  These children sit and listen to the stories about Christmas that their classmates share at school, or that they overhear in the village market.  As they sit, captivated by the dream, they can almost smell the dinner cooking, and imagine the happy family gathering to open gifts.  This is as close to Christmas as many orphans and abandoned children have ever been.

     But that is not how it will be this year!!!!  This year we are determined to making this dream come true for hundreds of orphans in Romania who will experience Christmas for the very first time.  Please pray about being part of our Shoebox Project this year.  We will need all of our partner churches, businesses, and individual ministry friends to get involved in order to reach our goal of 1000 shoebox gifts for the orphans and needy children of Romania.

     HOW:  1) Find a medium size box (shoebox size is good).  Fill the box with small gifts that you can purchase from the Dollar Store, or other discount location.  Some of the suggested items are—a pair of winter children’s shoes, socks, gloves, inexpensive watch, coloring book, water color set, crayons, hairbrush, comb, hairbands, stationary and pen set, shirt, blouse, pants, skirt, stuffed animal, etc.   

    2) After you fill your box, tape it closed and complete the form (provided below) that will give the inventory list and details for Customs.  Tape the form to the top of your box.

    3) You may cover the entire box with a piece of paper bag and address it to our Texas office.  Or, you may deliver it to your church or business if they are also participating with this project.  Please have all gift boxes delivered to our office by December 18th.











For Customs Use:

I certify that the contents of this package are free form any carcinogens and contaminants and pose no threat to the environment. All contents are designated for humanitarian aid and are not for resale.


Signature of Sender

​                                                                 Christmas Shoebox Project 2020




 Gift is designated for: ___boy ___girl ___either
Approximate age group: _________     Approximate value of contents________

Inventory list of shoebox contents (for customs use): ______________________________



________I am also sending $5 for the purchase of a Romanian Bible or children’s Bible story book to be included with this gift

________Please create a shoebox gift for me.  I have selected a child and age group above and enclosed $30 for the purchase of items to fill the box. 

_______I am including  $5 extra to help provide a Christmas meal for the Leper Village.

                                  Mail to:  Missions for Romania   1001 S. Rice Street   Hamilton, TX 76531