​​​​The Crop Project 

     Romania was once known at the Breadbasket of Europe.  The soil throughout Romania is the richest in Europe.  Many crops thrive here that are difficult to grow in other parts of Europe.  Romania is known for its wheat crops, corn, sunflowers, potatoes, cabbage, turnips, beets, eggplant, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and every sort of melon.  Many varieties of fruit trees also grow well in Romania, especially apples, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries, plums, and grapes.


     An important project that we have accomplished since coming to Romania in 1994 is the Crop Project.   Our goal is to grow crops and provide fresh fruits and vegetables for poor families, elderly Christians, the Leper Village, and the Feeding Centers that we have established.  In most villages where we have a Feeding Center, we are able to find a few acres that belong to the county and are not being used.  We obtain permission from the mayor to use the land since most mayors are searching for ways to help the poor people in their towns and villages.  We must then make a modest investment to purchase seeds, fertilizer, and insecticide. We recruit workers from the local church to assist with the planting and caring for the crop until harvest time.  When the crops are harvested, we give a percentage to the workers that helped with the crops and a portion to the local church to distribute among the poor families and elderly.  A portion is given to the Leper Village, and a portion is kept by our ministry to use at other Feeding Centers.

     We are harvesting our crops now in the southern part of Romania where we have a few acres in different villages.  Within a few more weeks, we will begin our harvest in other areas of the country where we have larger sections of land.


     This is a very important project for our ministry and an important demonstration of God’s love.  We have learned that the best way to tell someone that God loves them is to help them to feed their children.  It is our conviction that hearts are won to Christ through providing for the physical needs of people. Then the sermons that we preach have fertile soil (hearts) in which to take root.

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