Missions for Romania

serving the poor in romania since 1994

Urgent Message 

   I have watched silently as so many of our friends and fellow ministers shared their comments of encouragement.  We also believe that this storm will eventually pass and that the sun will shine again, churches will re-open, home fellowships will gather, prison ministries and visitation to shut-ins will resume.   While we all miss these precious gatherings, we are blessed to watch our friends singing and sharing songs of worship from their homes and posted on YouTube or Facebook.  My part, along with the assistance of our ministry directors, staff and volunteers, has been to fast and pray.  Our concern has been for the safety and care of the children who are part of our ministry, and the elderly couples and families that we bring supplies to every month….totaling over 400 families.  I must tell you now that the situation with these poor families and elderly couples has gone beyond urgent.  Our ministry has received special permission from the mayor of our county to travel to the homes and distribute food.  All other travel is forbidden unless given similar authorization.  As we made our most recent deliveries on Monday of this week, we were told by some families that they only had soup to eat that they had made themselves from grass, snails, and mushrooms that they picked in the yard.  Since the crisis came to the US, the majority of our support has fallen off.  We still have a few faithful friends and churches who have pulled us through so far.  Now, we must make an appeal to our ministry friends to please remember us.  Please remember the widows and orphans.  We must pay the utility bills for our Children’s Home.  We must purchase diesel for our truck and van so that we can continue making deliveries.  We must buy medicine for many elderly people who cannot afford their prescriptions and depend totally on our ministry.  My prayer is that Jesus will come quickly and bring the sunshine back to planet earth, to our village, and to our hearts.  Until the storm passes, please remember us….in your prayers, and if you can help us financially, please use our PayPal account link or your may send contributions to our ministry Post Office Box.  We pray that you and your family will be kept safe in the Hands of God..