If we ask a poor child what are the things that he or she wishes for the most, the response always includes:  to not be hungry, to be safe from bad people, to have a home and a bed, to have clean clothes and a warm coat,  and to go to school.  Most of the poor village children in the southern part of Romania are not able to go beyond the eighth grade in school.  In order to attend the higher grades, the child will need to travel by bus to a larger town located miles away.  The bus runs through the villages every morning to pick up the students and returns in the afternoon to drop them off.  For these children, our Feeding Center children, they can only dream of attending school beyond the basic level.  They know that their future is stunted without a complete education, but the obstacles are too great for them to overcome.  First, they have only a few pieces of ragged clothing and worn out shoes.  They dread the humiliation that this would bring to them.  Next, they do not have the school supplies, the backpack, pencils, pens, notebooks, and paper.  Lastly, they do not have the dollar per day that the bus transportation to the school and back would require. 

     School is now beginning again in Romania.  We have children who come to our Feeding Centers who are dreaming of continuing their education beyond the eighth grade.  Some of these children completed the eighth grade a year or two ago.  Some have attended the High School in a larger town but had to stop when they could no longer afford the expense.  These teens have been waiting and praying that they can go to the next grades before too many years pass and the opportunity is lost.  Our present goal for this school semester is to find sponsors for just twenty students so that they can travel on the bus each day to the junior high and high school in the larger town.  This sponsorship would only cost a dollar per day for each school day or just twenty-five dollars per month.  We are also in need of basic school supplies for all of the children at our Feeding Centers.  Most of these children are in the early grades or just starting school.  Our ministry will provide the clothing, coats, and shoes that each child will need to attend school.  Please pray about helping these children, the poorest of the poor.  Without the sacrifices of God’s people, they have no hope and all opportunities for a basic education are lost.

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Some of the teens from our Manisteria Feeding Center who are praying that they will be able to continue their education.