The Brother’s Keeper Project (Meals-on-Bicycle-Wheels)

     One of the first projects that we started, almost 20 years ago, is our Brother’s Keeper Project.  As we began our work in rural villages, we discovered the desperate situation that many elderly Christians face.  So many poor families have relocated away from the villages in search for employment.  The elderly parents are left behind with the hope that their children will find work and send a little support to make their lives more bearable.  In some cases, this hope is answered and the family members send help to their aged parents in the villages.  Sadly, too many elderly people waited for relief that never arrives.  We came to Romania with a desire to rescue children from the streets and give them a new destiny.  Along the way, God pointed our hearts to another group whose plight was no less desperate than the abandoned children.  This is something that a Christian does not even need to pray about.  The Word of God is clear.  The duty of the Church is to suffer with fellow members who suffer and to be God’s instrument of relieving their suffering.  With this burden in our hearts, the Brother’s Keeper Project was born.  With the help of our ministry friends and co-workers back in the U.S., we have been able to bring relief packages of food, basic medical supplies, quilts, clothing, firewood, and other supplies to hundreds of elderly couples and poor families.


     Another aspect of this project is our Meals-on-Bicycle-Wheels Program.  Our ministry partners in the U.S. have donated bicycles, backpacks, and plastic containers for this program.  The volunteers at our Feeding Centers prepare food in the plastic containers, and young men from the local churches deliver the food to elderly brethren, terminally ill people, and families that live at a distance from the church.  It is our goal to have a bicycle at each Feeding Center and to expand this project to be a blessing to more needy families.  This is how hope is reborn in the hearts of the elderly, who had given up, thinking that God had forgotten them.  Now they know that they are not forgotten, not by God and not by their brethren in the US.  

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