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Evangelism and discipleship ministry

Christmas 2020: Shoebox Project

Brother's Keeper Project / Meals- on-bicycle wheels

One of our oldest outreach projects and most needed is our Brother’s Keeper Project.  Our goal is to deliver food supplies, clothing, blankets, firewood, and basic hygiene supplies to impoverished families.  There are also many elderly couples and terminally ill people who  are not able to travel to our Feeding Centers.  Our Meals-on-Bicycle Wheels Project delivers a daily meal to their homes.

The leper village

The Leper Village is a sorrowful place, referred to as the “Valley of Sorrows” by some of the people who live there.  Other residents tell me that it is “Almost Heaven” since the residents have always experienced religious freedom, even during the Communist years.  What was their secret?

The crop project

In Leviticus 19:9,  we read the Biblical instruction for us to leave a portion of our crops (corners of the field) for the poor.  Our Crop Project is an expansion of this principle.  Each year we grow crops to provide an additional source of food for our Feeding Centers, for the Leper Village, and for poor families that we assist through our Brother’s Keeper Project.

Ministry Projects

Feeding Center Project

 ​Our Feeding Center Program is designed to provide a daily meal for children and families who are facing difficult times.  Often, a daily meal is all that it takes to lift the burden and help a poor family work toward establishing a better future.   

Christmas Shoebox Project: December 2020

​​The poor children in Romania are the same as other children throughout the world.  They dream of receiving nice presents, enjoying delicious food, and spending time with relatives who love them.  They imagine a nice warm fireplace, a clean home,    and a holiday season overflowing with joy.


Most children living in rural villages do not have an opportunity to attend school beyond the basic eighth grade level that is offered in their village.  To go on into junior high and high school, they must travel by bus to a larger town each day.  This is an expense that they cannot afford, even though the cost is very small by American standards.  Without an education, these village children are destined to repeat the cycle of poverty that they were born into.    

Evangelism and discipleship ministry​

An old Puritan philosophy held by many of our American forefathers stated that all good works done to help mankind, that were not done in the name of Christ and for the glory of God, were actually worthless and vain.  Without the preaching of the Gospel message of salvation through Jesus Christ, all of our labor is also done in vain.  Missionaries are not just humanitarians and people who like to feel good about helping others.  We labor in the harvest field because the love of God burns in our hearts with His calling and His commission to make disciples in all of the world.

the manAstIREA children's homeS

The devil comes only to steal, kill, and destroy.  He works through his agents to steal the future of Romania’s poor children.  They are robbed of their opportunities and deprived of love.  Satan even attacks ministries like ours in his efforts to destroy the help that these children need.  This is our project of greatest need because it will be the greatest miracle in the future of the children that we rescue. 

Missions for Romania

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