The Feeding Center Project is an important outreach that we started many years ago on a small scale.  As we ministered in small villages and shared the Gospel at churches and home gatherings, we were touched by the sacrificial efforts that the fellow Christians made to accommodate us.  Even though they lived in extreme poverty, they were eager to share their loaf of bread or their cabbage soup with the poor in their village and with visitors.  God blessed us with ministry partners in the U.S. who shared our desire to care for the children and poor families.  With partnerships like Kids Against Hunger, we were able to receive donated food supplies that we distributed to the villages.  This project began small, many years ago, with just a handful of Feeding Centers providing a daily meal for a few hundred children.  As we have begun this new chapter of our ministry, we are focusing again on the neediest locations.  We are committed to expanding the number of Feeding Centers as quickly as possible.  There are over twenty village churches waiting now for a Feeding Center to be set up for the children and elderly of their community.  With winter on the way, we realize that this is an urgent project that must be one of our top priorities.  Each new Feeding Center involves a financial investment of $500.00 or more to furnish it with the appliances for cooking, tables, chairs, pots, pans, plates, cups, and silverware.  



     The importance of this project can be best understood if you see it through the eyes and the hearts of a poor village family.  For them, every day is a struggle.  The only jobs available are odd jobs, such as working in the fields or in the forest.  A husband may find employment for one day and then be without income for a week until he is hired again for a few hours or a day.  A family cannot exist on this income, nor can they afford to move to a different part of the country in search for a better situation.  Now consider, if their children could receive a daily meal at our Feeding Center, this burden would be lifted from them.  Families often fall apart over the constant pressure of similar circumstances.  When a Feeding Center is opened at the local church, it is also a great testimony of God’s love for the unsaved families.  It is a common occurrence for the church that is hosting the Feeding Center to experience a large increase in membership and in salvations.  People need to see sermons lived out before their eyes.  God uses our Feeding Centers to preach a message of His love, heard and understood by even the most hardened atheist or communist.

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