Evangelism and Discipleship Ministry

     If we could feed every hungry child in Romania, and supply every poor widow with firewood for the winter, rescue every abandoned and homeless child from the streets, and wash the sores of every leper…..if we could do all of these things, and fail to preach the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, our ministry would be a complete failure.  The greatest gift that our Heavenly Father gives to mankind is the gift of salvation through His Son.  The greatest blessing that any of us can ever receive in this life is the blessing of knowing Jesus as our Lord and Savior.


     Our work begins with a demonstration of God’s love as we care for the physical needs of the people that we minister to.  Then, we invite the families to join us in prayer and to come to the village church where the Feeding Center is located.  We do not require that they adorn themselves with the latest fashion that you will find in modern churches.  God loves them just as they are.  They may be dirty, sickly from the difficult life that they have lived, poorly educated, and suspicious of Christianity.  Before long, God’s love wins their hearts.  The food, firewood, and clothing helped, but it is the Gospel message that transforms and makes them a new creature in Christ.

     Within recent weeks we have sponsored the first ever, Christian Women’s Conference at the church in Manastirea.  Women, young and old were invited from the surrounding villages where churches do not exist.  Our team helped to transport the women from these villages to and from the conference.  This was a blessed time of singing, testimonies, worship, crying, praying, and teaching.  The refreshments were a special treat for these poor village women.  As soon as the Conference ended, we began to receive many requests for another Conference to be held soon.  There are places in this world, hidden places, far away from the modern cities of the US, where poor Christians treasure these brief moments of fellowship.  The meeting ends and their hearts are renewed and filled with a fresh enthusiasm to reach their village for Jesus, one heart at a time.


     Another great blessing was the baptism of eight new Christians that took place a few weeks ago.  More new converts are now waiting for the next baptism as they receive their basic catechism on the truths of the Christian Faith.   


     Please remember to pray for our Evangelistic and Discipleship Ministry in Romania.  This is the most important part of our work.  We came to Romania twenty-one years ago to share the gospel and touch people with God’s love.  Through these years, I believe that God has used the poor widows, the children, and the lepers to touch our hearts.  We came to be a blessing to them, but God has blessed us through them instead. We thought that we would find beggars, instead we came to realize that we are all beggars when it comes to God’s mercy.  None of us can make it in this world without the grace and mercy of God.  We are honored that He has chosen to use us for these many years.  We are honored that our ministry friends have united their hearts with ours to fulfill this calling.  May God be glorified in all that we do.

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